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"5 Quick Steps" and You're Making Money!
Written by:
Garrett Dann


One of the ways that I've become successful is by getting in on
an Affiliate product (generally for free) and promoting the heck
out of it while it's really hot and new.  This way I get fairly high
up in the Affiliate Chain Ladder and my "Associates" do almost
all my sales for me.


I'd like to help you do the same thing!


Follow my How-To's, and you could start making money as
early as Today!


Step 1 - Join Our Top 6 Affiliate Products - FREE!:


I'm going to give you (6) Affiliate products in the order
of their importance to me (all of these programs make me
money, some make me more than others).  The ones that
make me the most are first, the ones that make me the
least are last, its as simple as that. I make at least $200 a
week on each and every one of these.


The 1st of my TOP 3 and 'WHITE Hot' right now, is Andrew
Fox's "Dominating ClickBank".  This is Foxie's best ClickBank
product yet.

#1 in my arsenal for the last 4 months.  You can bring in
more money with this one program, than most people can
with a handful of programs!  This is one of the hottest
programs I have ever promoted outside of my own products, since I began doing this way back in 1999.  Don;t hesitate
to contact me if you have any questions.

Click here to see "Dominating ClickBank"!

#2 - Mohammed's Got Some Secret's that turned my whole
world "right-side-up" when it came to Affiliate Product

I bought this product, put just a small handful of his super
"Secrets" to work, and my business was on fire in days!


Click here to see Mohammed's Hot Affiliate How-To Site!


#3 - Rosalind's Site is definitely a consistent money maker
for my company.  Even though she came out with this ebook
almost 2 years ago, she continues to update it on a regular
basis, and she passes all the new updates down to anyone
whose already purchased it.

One of the best sources to learn how to be a 'Top Affiliate
Marketer' in the shortest period of time, this book is a must
have.  It promotes itself!


Click to see how Rosalind makes more than $435,000 /yr!


The last 3 I'll just give you - BANG 1, 2, 3!


All 3 Are EBook Generating Products.  If you didn't know,
"Selling Information is the largest Single Income Generating
Field on the Internet Today"!


eBook Generator:


eCover Generator:

Sales Letter Generator:
Sales Letter Generator

see the rest of the article right here!




(7) Steps to Publishing Your eBook for Free!
Written by: Cathi Stevenson

7 Steps for Publishing Your eBook for Free

Many people have written an eBook or have enough articles
and short stories that they could easily create one, if they
wanted to. Itís a great way to earn extra money. My own
eBook ďHow To Publish & Market Your eBook for Just $5Ē, 
available at
http://www.authorscafe.com, stayed on
Booklockerís best sellersí list for almost a year and I have no
complaint about receiving regular royalty checks from them.

I havenít bought a house in the Bahamas yet, but I have
certainly purchased a lot of little extras for myself and my
family from my eBook earnings.

When youíre weighing the pros and cons of investing so
much time into a project you have to take many things into consideration; however, monetary investment isnít one of
them. I am often amused by the stories of people who
have spent hundreds of dollars for formatting and
distributing an eBook when everything you could possibly
need is available completely free of charge. I know this,
because I did it.

The seven most useful resources I found for creating,
publishing and selling an eBook were all free. Iíve listed
them here, so you can get start your own eBusiness today.

1. Create your eBook in your favorite word processing
program. Many people use Microsoft Word or Word Perfect.
You can sell your eBook in these formats, but the most
popular eBook format is called PDF. Unlike other file
formats, a PDF can be read by anyone with Adobe Acrobat
Reader, a free program most people have. Itís available at:

You can also convert your eBook into PDF format for free
at the Adobe site:

All you have to do is sign up. If you want to include active
hyperlinks that will enable readers to click out the book
and onto the internet or to click to different places within
the book, you need to use the paid version, though. Itís
$9.99 per month. If you want hyperlinks and donít want
to pay any money, thereís a great little program called
PDF995 available at

First, convert your document to PDF format and then use
another free program available from the same company
called PDF edit995, to activate your hyperlinks. Iíve
tested the free version several times and it works great.
You have to tolerate some ads, though.

So there you have it, an eBook, ready to go and formatted
for free.

2. Now you need a place to sell your eBook. If you already
have a website, thatís great.  If you donít, there are many
places that offer free web space.

he biggest complaint about these sites is the pop up ads,
so avoid using sites that have them.

http://www.united.net.kg/ and http://www.brinkster.com
offer free packages with no ads.

see the rest right here!

"What do you use Forums for?"

By Garrett Dann

This week I would like to tell you about a few great Forums
that I visit on a regular basis.


Well, where do I start? Forums are about the best source there
is for finding out - "what do people need right now?", and that,
of course, is the best place to start when deciding what you
want to try and sell. Unless it happens to be a totally un-
tapped market, if there isn't a big demand for a product, don't
even consider trying to sell it - period! Why spend time, effort
and possibly money, to advertise a product that's not in high
demand? Time is money - spend it in the wisest way!

In the forum's, you'll also find out what's coming out soon that's
new and inovative, before just about everyone else, on Forums.
Some product designers use the Forums as a testing ground for
there new products, sometimes even releasing free copies to
the first 100 or 250 people who would be willing to write a

The first Forum I'm going to tell you about is Michael Greens
"How-To" Forum. Michael is very well know for the "How-To"
series of products he's been putting out regularly for years
now. The threads (that's what they call posts in forums) in
the How-To Forum are some of the best you'll find on the Net.
I 've seen people ask for information on autoresponders, ISP's,
webhosts and a host of other item's and the responses are
outstanding. Here's (2) Threads I recently saw:

Personal message from Michael Green
Adding audio to your website has never been easier. Find
out how and which system to use here >>>
Subject (#14021) Here's how to create float in windows for
From: Tim Kerber, Monday, 2 February 2004, at 11:07 a.m.


There are a number of programs that can create these type of
popin windows. Here is a link for the code to do it for free:

<A HREF='http: ...

Read more: http://www.howtocorp.com/cgi-bin/webbbs_config.pl?rev=14021 

I don't know if the linksse were both
great! You can find Mike's "How-To" Forum here:

The next one is the Anthony Blake "Online Success Forum", also
just an incredible source for what's new and how to do about
"anything". Your life will never be the same once you discover
forums and how helpful complete strangers can be. There are
some real "Ad Poster's" out there also, but the forum admin-
istrators usually come down on them pretty hard. Here's the
link to the Anthony Blake Forum:

I love to come out with, and announce the coming out of, new
and inovative product's. My favorite forum to go to and post
"blatant ads" about my products at is the "Free Advertising
Forum". That's is correct, there actually is a place you can go
to do this type of thing. Not only that, when you place an ad
at this forum, the web-bot spiders are going to "crawl" your ad.
This is a great back-door int the Search Engines for a new site
you're trying to promote.

Are the wheels in your head spinning yet??

I'll bet they are!

here's that link now:

And of course, if you have any other questions or requests,
I'd be happy to hear them! Go to these forums and join up, so
you can place queries and answer other peoples - if you can.
It's about the best way out there to get know and be heard.

Once again, I hope this aids you in your quest for online

til next time,

- Garrett -



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